Mine rooms in gray countries

1992: "Minesweeper" is released together with Windows 3.1. The puzzle game is simple, but has an extremely high addiction factor. A grey rectangular playing field with 64 squares, red flags and 16 hidden mines: That's all a cult game needs. "Minesweeper" is one of those games that every computer owner has probably tried at least once. The principle is as simple as the graphics: The goal is to uncover all fields without hitting a mine.

"Minesweeper" has been included in all versions of the operating system since Windows 3.1. The basic game principle already existed before, but Microsoft made it popular with "Minesweeper". In 1992, it was still something very special: a game that you only had to call up without installing anything. Together with "Solitaire", which was also integrated from Windows 3.1, "Minesweeper" developed into a time-eater.

To the goal in one second
The virtual mine hunt in "Minesweeper" works by mouse click: You click with the left mouse button on any field. If a mine lies there, the game is lost: it explodes and turns red - and the grinning smiley at the top looks angry. If the field is safe, a number appears: it indicates how many mines are in the neighbouring eight squares. If you suspect one on a square, you click the right mouse button and mark it with a red flag. From the first click, the game counts the seconds - the faster all the squares are uncovered, the better. The time pressure and the simple principle increase the addiction factor: because "Minesweeper" tempts you to play again quickly in order to win after all, or to break your own record. Even today, "Minesweeper" records are still circulating on the Internet. According to these records, the fastest players took just one second to solve the game. If that seems too easy, try other difficulty levels: In the advanced version, the playing field has 256 fields and 40 mines, for the pros there are 480 fields and 99 mines. You can also customise the game and decide for yourself how many fields and mines there should be.
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